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Remembering the 1970’s in style

My latest novel Champagne for Breakfast begins in the 1970’s. In reading fashion magazine about design trends for spring, the 1970’s influence is making a comeback. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Bad is the fact that in cleaning my closet a few years ago, I donated all of my 1970’s era clothing. On the good side, fashion in the 1970’s wasn’t all that exciting.

In the early 1970’s, there were the bellbottom trousers, heavy platform shoes and those tight knit hats made popular by Ali McGraw in the movie Love Story. I actually wore Daisy Mae tops with cuffed “hot pants” and lace-up gladiator sandals. There were the denim overalls, too. I also remember some micro mini flared dresses that came with matching underpants. Maxi halter dresses were “in.” Smocks worn with shorts were popular. Skimpy bikinis were popular, too.

At one point, ethnic styles abounded. The peasant tops and flaring peasant skirts, turbans and caftans, the Oriental influence in dresses, jackets and “China bob” haircuts. I also remember frosted hair, as if becoming prematurely gray through “Frost n’Tip” was a good idea. Blondes had “Sun in” to bleach their locks even lighter. I had friends who actually ironed their hair to get it straight and others who rolled their hair with orange juice cans to add curls. I used canned color spray to add highlights without the cost of a salon.

The Disco era brought us disco dancing dresses and Lurex entwined pantsuits. Pantsuits and jumpsuits were quite popular. There were also those Victorian dresses, the type that Karen Carpenter used to wear. Gunne Sax was a big brand for these throwback looks. Those crochet granny square granny vests are making a comeback. I used to wear mine with knickers or over paisley dresses. Ponchos were popular as were boots.

Later in the 70’s, every girl wore Dr, Scholl’s flat sandals in the summer. There were high heel slides. Pencil skirts with slits became popular. Vests were common. Palazzo pants and wide-leg trousers became the rage. Denim was always cool.

Lemon scented cologne was all the rage, as was Love’s Baby Soft and Charlie. There were these herbal scents that came in creamy perfume compacts. I had one that was patchouli. Herbal Essences shampoo came out. Lipsmackers flavored lip balm was in every teen’s pocket.

There were the teen heartthrobs. Bobby Sherman with his hit Julie, Julie, Julie Do You Love Me and his stint on television’s Here Come the Brides, every girl’s heartthrob. Then came David Cassidy of The Partridge Family and Donny Osmond and The Jackson Five. Of course, I loved The Carpenters and wanted to sing like Karen. I had a crush on older men like Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck.

I can go on but will spare you.

Do you have any 1970’s memories?

My novel will bring back some great and not so great memories of a time not so long ago and yet deemed historical. For me, I just feel old.

Here are some throwback photos from my memory book …










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