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Blossom: An Easter Story

This story relates to the theme of “strays.” My husband is known for doing unusual things. One Easter, he really surprised me. We were in the process of building an addition on to our house. Acting as our own contractors, we had hired an Amish construction crew with a promise and a handshake. Since they

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Picking up strays

Many people think that romance writers sit on a glittering caftan with perfectly coiffed hair and makeup reclined on a chaise while holding a furry little lap dog. Sorry to disappoint. We are real people. Just like you. I believe that everyone has a romance novel or two or more in their lifetime. My first

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The Seychelles Islands, my Paradise Found

Many people travel on “working vacations.” The best ones are those when you are not the one working. A number of years ago I had the pleasure of joining my husband on his architectural photographic assignment to the exotic Seychelles Islands. The idea of traveling to the Seychelles Islands had been his dream assignment list

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Sleeps with dogs

Seeing a tee shirt with the words, “Sleeps with Dogs” made me laugh. In my case, it’s true. I really do sleep with dogs. The four-legged kind. Two to be exact. Amber, my English Pointer, and her sister Topaz, a Pointer-black Lab, are the best bedmates one can have. No, this isn’t kinky. We just

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