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Time tunnel

The idea of time travel has intrigued people for generations. The ability to experience or recreate the past has caused a great deal of speculation and creative license. I’m one of those people who find the concept interesting As a teenager, I loved to read paranormal and time travel novels. There was the classic The

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Time travel to old San Francisco

Great San Francisco Earthquake My time travel romance, Wishes and Tears, began with the purchase of an antique book recounting the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, which took place on April 18, 1906. Of course, the writer in me asked, “What if?” The idea of a modern woman plunging into the San Francisco Bay

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Writing is work

Being a writer is a real job. As with most home-based businesses, working out of a home office is not considered a “real job” to many people. Just because I don’t commute to a bricks and mortar building every day, many people think that I just sit around all day watching television and munching bon-bons.

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There’s something important missing from my first Crimson Romance novel, Lab Test. It’s an acknowledgement page. I was so excited to have sold the book that I literally forgot to write one. Considering that as a reader I always read the acknowledgement page of a book, it’s startling that I would forget to write one.

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