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Heartthrob to hero

Every teenage girl has a heartthrob or two or more. In the 1920’s, it was Rudolph Valentino. The 1940’s had Frank Sinatra. The 1950’s brought Elvis and the 1960’s, Beatlemania. I guess Justin Beiber is the heartthrob of the moment? My era, and I’m dating myself, had Donny Osmond, David Cassidy and Michael Jackson. However,

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My reading past

Writers are readers. Actually, we begin as readers and become writers when we tell ourselves, “I can write a better book than this.” Thus begins the writer’s journey. We put pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard and a manuscript is born. After much frustration, a published book is for sale and someone is reading

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Write what you know

I wrote this entry as a guest on a fellow writer’s blog. I thought, though, that it was worth reposting on my blog. A writer is only as good as her last book. Thus, writers have to write and keep writing. It is also said to write about what you know. My fourth novel with

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The Call

Hello, romance readers! Ten of us Crimson authors who launched the line on June 4, 2012, are celebrating our six month release anniversary with a blog hop. There’s even a raffle for a prize. Click on this a Rafflecopter giveaway link to enter a drawing for a Kindle Paper Light loaded with one title from

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