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Winter wonderland of love

Winter and romance go together like hot milk and cocoa. There’s tranquil beauty in a winter’s eve, strolling outdoors in the crisp air as glittering snowflakes flutter to the ground. The trees are frosted in snow, a forest of white sentinels while a lake of shimmering ice reflects the moonlight. Your breath turns to frost.

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Crimson Wonderland Blog Hop

http://www.simply-linked.com/listwidget.aspx?l=d3ea94aa-cae2-4163-8d4f-f9287bf4e13c Follow my fellow authors on this blog hop … http://crimsonromanceauthors.com/about-2/ Great escape Are you ever in need of a vacation, yet you haven’t any vacation time or enough money for an airline ticket? You can also avoid the hassles of airport security, delays, cramped seats and poor service in one easy step. Grab a

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Introducing author Peggy Bird

This week I have the pleasure of interviewing author Peggy Bird. Welcome to Scribbles, Peggy. 1. What/Who influenced you to become an author? Maybe it was simply that I wanted to be part of the world of books. Books have always been important to me, sometimes as escape, often as entertainment, always as a way

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My work in-progress

My work in-progress has been logged by author Galen Rose You can read about her work in-progress at http://galenrose.com/tag-youre-it/   What is the title of your book? *** “Special Angel” Where did the idea for the book come from? *** A dream, where most of my novels originate What genre does your book fall under?

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My book, not yours

I wish that I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to help them write or publish  their bestselling book. My income would exceed the advances and royalties I’ve received as an author. Friends, relatives and even strangers think that since I’m a multi-published author, I hold the golden key to the publishing

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