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Rethinking the hero

I have to admit and the novels I write reinforce it … I prefer dark-haired men. Yes, their hair may be a sandy shade or salt and pepper but no blonde or red-haired heroes for me. Maybe this bias is genetic. After all, the men in my immediate family have all had dark hair. My

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Welcome to the real world

Having a book published is a major milestone in life. After years of struggle, of pouring out your heart and soul, of overcoming rejection, your “baby” is born! Break open the champagne. Spread the news. Scream with unbridled joy. Then … reality sets in. The world didn’t move. Your picture is not plastered on the

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Isn’t it romantic?

When I tell people that I’m a romance writer, I get a myriad of responses. The eyebrows usually shoot up, I get a once-over and a snicker. It’s the same sort of response I get when I tell people that I’m also a Middle Eastern belly dancer. I’m an anomaly. In my youth I was

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